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Fidget Cube Blue If you come, simply borrow the book go back and see Oh Please, the girl nodded mildly, leaning slightly to the side. Xia Yu River clutching his head into the reading room of the vast sea of books, looking around looking for books they want to rent. Colin High School s library book is notoriously multifarious. This is a reading room alone, the book will be filled with more than 20 large bookshelf. And here not only the number of books, quality and low cost production of printed materials on the market different. These books have a classic exquisite cover. Spine, or bronzing, or concave pressure, or the use of beautiful arc fonts printed, are never seen the title. Xia Yuxi muddle in the middle of the shelves and deterred by, deeper and deeper, smell the breath of the book more and more ancient. New Theory of Vision , The Lovely Bones Xia Yuxi looked at the bookshelf on a strange title, kept deep sigh. No wonder Colin s nerds to drill here all day long, a lot of books here are ordinary bookstores do not see it And there are many out of print books Although the high school that hate Colin to study and examination of the supremacy of the system, but the library of books or let Xia Yuxi really feel shocked. Huh What is.cold lips gently printed on the summer rain Creek s lips, so that summer rain Creek fidget cube blue s brain suddenly become a blank Quiet quiet Do not know how long, during this time, Xia Yu River seems to hear his chest that can only be violent heartbeat and rapid breathing Night winds as if afraid of disturbing them, gently blowing, Yanqing that satin like black hair gently in summer rain Creek forehead harassment, let Xia Yuxi more confused. Finally, Yan Qing raised his head, one hand light to live fidget cube toy Xia Yu Xi s chin, his nose and her nose almost touch together. In the summer rain Creek ready to express their anger before, Yan Qing s mouth gently raised like a moonlight at this time as hazy but with a trace of sad smile. Rain Creek Princess, please do not hate me.This kiss, as a sincere servant of your reward. Also, you blush, really beautiful thump thump thump thump Yan Qing moon fairy fairy that is generally beautiful and sad face, has been lingering in the summer rain River s psychology, lingering. Every time I think of the blue eyes that melancholy, Xia Yu Xi s heart will be fast beating, almost jumped out from the throat eyes This strange feeling is what like No, no How can this be. I how could I lik.

ain Creek Completely immersed in the rhythm fidget cube blue of the music in the summer rain Creek inexplicably raised his head, but found around the do not know what reason sounded a commotion, everyone looked at her with surprise. Hey, what happened She took off his ear was trying to grasp the individual to ask, from the podium again came a cold voice. Xia Yu River students, please come to power. Xia Yu River is unknown so to look through the sound, far, I saw a familiar tall figure fidget cube blue standing on the podium, faint smile at her How can it be. She rubbed her eyes hard. Morning sunshine, the man as ink like black hair to carry forward the wind, like a pair of blue sea like deep and charming eye is staring at her straight. Across the crowd, he sly to fidget cube blue think she blinked, slightly bent mouth has provoked a few degrees. Familiar face, familiar expression this person this person, even if turned into a gray she also fidget cube blue recognized Xia Yu River shocked speechless, pointing to the podium fingers trembling slightly, my mind as if the encounter stormy, before the small abacus instantly been beaten to pieces. what Yan Qing, turned out to be him Summer rain riot like to stand under the podium, but with her in sharp contrast to the stand.In her back on the shelves, has been forgotten that sheepskin cover ancient books, lying quietly. No wind, the curtains suddenly fluttering up, thick book page in the bookcase met the subtle ring, gently open to. fidget cube blue Immersed in their own world in the summer rain Creek is unaware. Has a fine paper on the pages of the book, even as if there is only a stealth hand in writing in general, slowly out of a beautiful text. At that time, Cleo came to the girl s side, Tell her heart, had a beautiful Aphrodite God hurt. An ancient Roman woman, the fidget cube blue beauty of the city are dumping, Aphrodite admired young Nemo, though he was cold and abnormal to her. Aphrodite day in the mirror dress, looking forward to love to look favorably beautiful makeup. Junior married the final appearance of the city flat woman, This makes A Fuluo Di sadly dies, Holding the mirror in the hands, with her unwilling. Legend of this mirror to the people, will always fall in love with the mirror of the owner, Only to the white haired Kiss. KISS The next day after school, do not want to go home Xia Yu River aimlessly sloshing in the streets. In recent days, Lin Shiqi every time I heard fidget cube blue the school bell like a cheerful bird, like the disappearance of the clas.of the head. Damn, do not know which bastard actually forgot to invite me to the card, I almost missed and Muze brother with Christmas It is best not to let me know who that stupid, or have his nice Yes, Muze brother, today you want to perform the program This tuxedo is very suitable for you More than just for, just like tailored in general, perfect Xia Yu Xi said with a fidget cube blue smile on the side of the mind to make up the sentence. Here, fortunately you come, or will miss my performance. Here, An Muze slightly hesitated a moment, some regret looking Xia Yu River, brook, tonight there is no way to accompany you Dancing, sorry. Muze brother is because to show the program, ah, of course I understand , and so will Muze Gegela violin, I can hear is not it So I am very happy Xia Yu Xi a look Smiled and shook his head, but my heart is endless disappointment. Can not dance together but I have been looking forward to it Rain Creek you finally come The crowd suddenly came a burst of inexplicable uproar, Colin s Flower Lin Shiqi squeezed over from the obstacles, pleasantly surprised the ground before pulling Xia Yu s hand, Fortunately, you catch The next to immediately begin HELLO fidget cube review hand in hand party Go past it.

Fidget Cube Blue ively discussion of the results of the game for one of the students shaking A few good students to exchange a glance after the upstairs to go, but when they see their usual extremely admired the Minister of Sports, Colin fidget cube blue giant A Xiang classmates, at the moment actually like a flattened by slippers The giant cockroaches generally four feet overturned card stuck in the corner of the stairs can not move, several students have a sigh, invariably hands blindly blindfolded his eyes, could not bear to see A Xiang this pair of bleak image. Hearing the screams of Xiang, summer rain Creek stopped jumping, turned around and proudly spit out his tongue, out of the fingers than a V word. Frog jump than the light and agile, like you this silly big one, of course, than the leapfrog will lose In short fidget cube set this Board, I win KO Fight two A gentle voice to break the tutelage of the discipline room atmosphere, but also attracted summer rain Creek and Octopus director looked through the sound. A girl wearing a Colin high school uniform, holding a stack of information, smiling at the door. Her straight hair was lifted by the slightest wind, in the sun like a flash of strings, and just right smile, it is soothing the melody. Moving a ballet dancer in An Muze s, are not you Ah Yan Qing heard the words, Xia Yuxi nodded his head. Well, in that case, I will always help you as long as this is your wish. Rock Ching finished, sighed. Xia Yu fidget cube blue Xi surprised a moment, raised his head and looked to the rock clear, eyes flashing confusion and gratitude. Puchi See Xia Yu Xi look of excitement, Yan Qing suddenly could not help but laugh out of the sound, he held out his hand gently grabbed Xia Yu Xi s face, the other hand fingers in the Xia Yu Xi s lips gently Mosa Zhao, You see, eating cake to eat so anxious, cream all stick to his face, into the white father of Christmas father Yan Ching, thank you Xia Yu Xi Yan Qing River looked for the first time solemnly expressed gratitude to him. Yan Qing surprised a moment, his face seems to have some complex expressions. Finally, he gently smile, helpless and lingering look at the summer rain Creek. My princess, please do not thank me, it will be fidget cube blue very cruel.Although your heart has been occupied by another person, but at least this moment, please fidget cube blue you completely belong to me. what Before the summer rain Creek recovered, Yan Qing s face suddenly to the summer rain Creek close to two moist and some.

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