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Fidget Cube fancy coffee, so would like to call us to taste. Shi Qi learn to do fancy coffee I do not know mood is still in chaos Xia Yu Leng Leng stood there, muttered. You certainly do not know slightly Lin Shiqi tone with a trace of blame, while talking to the side of the table, put the tray on the hand down, summer rain suddenly smell a trace of the rich aroma, Recently, Ah, I only made three cups of coffee, I m sorry, I do not know Yan Qing students will come together I do not know, The original, the original is so Shi Qi really very powerful it Ha ha ha ha Xia Yuxi strong smile slowly sat back seat, ass under the pad like a pad as she felt uneasy. Oh, do not be too concerned about me. Yan Ching smiled gracefully waved, his pair of deep eyes followed to see sitting next to him and the other two people, but the other two people as if the situation is not Oh good The other two people Lin Shiqi puzzled look to sit face to face, but the eyes are staggered off to the summer rain and An Mu Ze, do not understand the words just what the meaning of rock clear just. Xia Yuxi fiercely stare, and quickly sat back on the bench, in Lin Shiqi heart doubts before the topic of.body Is An Muze, is that the agreement He has not forgotten that time she said Summer rain Creek hands on fidget cube the chest, eyes, some disappointing moist. Do not know whether it was the relationship between water vapor fascinated by the line of sight, the poster on the security Mu Mu seemed to move up he slowly opened his eyes, his face turned to her mouth gently raised, smile like March like spring, fresh and warm. He put down the violin, reached out to her, as if to lead her into the spotlight Sucking the nose, she shook her head, the inside of those unrealistic fantasies all out. Take a deep breath, do not want to indulge in the summer rain Creek, An Muze how it may be so funny agreement really ah The ballet fidget cube youtube selection, must be good at ballet Lin Shiqi do it Despite the sober aware of this, the childhood agreement is like a lingering shadow, always lingering in her heart, entangled. Quietly walked back to the class, Xia Yuxi has always felt a bit uncomfortable, like a long time before suddenly found that often at their own ears, shouting No the guy actually did not occur today. I can not help but come up with a touch fidget cube of worry. But soon, Xia Yuxi and secretly happy. Well, deserve it, who t.

efense. The original so. An Muze looked at the door of the situation, but also looked at his face to the death of the tragic summer rain Creek. Thoughtfully nodded. The Convention of the People has been spread throughout Colin, and even she has heard it a little. I see, come with me. Hey Summer rain Creek has not been as clear as what he meant, only to feel a sudden black eyes, and then fell into a warm embrace, An Muze quickly took off his coat, the summer rain Creek wrapped around, She strode to the door. Xia Yuxi innocently behind with An Muze, almost invisible side of the landscape and silhouette, the line of sight can only see that up to the back and continue to raise the chestnut fidget cube hair. The pair of tightly holding her hand, the palm of my hand came the temperature affects her heartbeat, continue to undulate spread, jump faster. For the first time, he held her hand for the first time It seems that all the hustle and bustle around all disappeared, quiet fidget cube antsy labs can only hear each other s breathing, the world only he and her two people. This scene, I do not know how many times dreamed, this time, will not it is a dream Do not be afraid, I will protect you. Gentle and as if still lingering in the ears of summer rain that black rimmed glasses cover more than half of the face, always holding a notebook, always exudes the indifference of the student council president. Removed the eyes that obtrusive, supple bangs slanting fidget cube order down, half covered handsome eyebrows, but also bring out his pair of deep beautiful eyes. His face from time to time showing a bit melancholy, but even so, it is like God s perfect lip shaped cast Oh beautiful outline fidget cube of the chin, fidget cube but also enough to make people instantly confused mind. And this rock clear, at the moment is one hand holding the chin, concentrate on looking at the front of a book, sometimes knowing smile, and gently stalls from time to time. He sighed, the whole class of girls in the heart of the ban for a ban. Really, how could even brush the depression when the gas fidget cube field are so strong boys. At this time, one by one after school homework assignments bite the bullet to Yanqing table. Although it does not want to disturb the United States alone in front of teenagers indulge in the atmosphere of the book, but after all, their duties can not escape I saw her take a deep breath, deliberately amplified his voice, so that they are more calm and calm Yan Qing, pay homework Snapped is heard, Roc.he whole body becomes stiff, anger suddenly disappeared, the next second, then Like a meteorite generally fell back to the ground, just that high spirited fight was smashed Yan Qing turned his head, like the victory of the victorious general looked at his captive general condescending to say. Today, you violate the rules, go to the game room to dance, but also want fidget cube to attack Colin standing in the peak of the student union president Yan Ching. As punishment, just sent to you Of the ten information speed to do, not mistaken. what Xia Yuxi surprised to open the phone. Sure enough, the screen to refresh the way the rock clear imitation are laughing at her. School bags to school tomorrow buy milk, send the job tonight, but also a man to clean the school office building after awhile In the cold wind, a note of angry roar as shaking like thunder from her voice sprang, resounded through the sky. Yan Ching you bastard I will not let you go The clock pointer to accurately point to play on 9 10, has been attributed to the silence of Colin high school into the darkness of the quiet. From the students office there came the cold and dry wind, but with a subtle sound. Pound tapping tapping fidget cube pound Dispersed wi.

Fidget Cube ass can not wait to look at the ground immediately with a tunnel out, so that they jump to refuge. But here is Colin High School. When the English teacher s question is raised, the students in the class like to rush to receive the prize usually scrambled to lift his hand. Summer rain Creek struggling to open some tired eyes, glanced around the classroom, like mushroom like arms erected, a full sense of security yawned, and then safely buried to study the hidden in the desk in the latest issue Gossip magazine. Back text only, will be like, guilty of such performance It will not be in the lottery prize, really. Summer Rain Creek in the heart Sui Suinian for a while, began to read with relish gossip magazines on those surprising gossip. While she was happy in which the contented, a hard to fidget cube help things suddenly in her head smashed a bit. Xia Yuxi surprised, and quickly put the magazine back seat bad Was found by the teacher. This magazine, but I save breakfast money, buy, in case the collection is not scored Xia Yu Xi nervously around his eyes wide open, but when she found the English teacher is still on the podium proudly listening to his seat under the disciples to recite the text fluently, forehead crashing out of a.ith her not too fluent English and girls say hello. Oh Hello. Girl politely close the hands of the book, she rose pink lips moisturizing smile, sweet people almost instantly lose their breath, Please come in, and I can speak Chinese. Ah thank you, thank you had just wanted to see that dim light of what, but the girl s invitation to let Xia Yuxi embarrassed refused, but some embarrassed into the reading room. The foreign students speak Chinese really slip it, really worthy of Colin exchange students Yes, this evening is Christmas, why do you fidget cube a person in the reading room Looked at the girl seems to read books to read, Xia Yuxi puzzled to ask. Because I am a new librarian, I want to sort out the books as they become available, answered the girl fidget cube smilingly, turning to look at Xia Yuxi again. Librarian Xia Yu Xi subconsciously scream aloud, secretly whispered in the heart, Colin really is strict, actually Christmas holidays we all, but also arrangements for librarians on duty, the girl, must go out fidget cube with a friend would like to party. The situation of the girl some sympathy, to see her eyes blinked fidget cube at himself, Xia Yuxi embarrassed clutching the back of the head in the reading room looked around.

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